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There is nothing more depressing than when you’re following a blog you really, really like and they suddenly deactivate without warning. You’re left wondering if you missed the notification, if they relocated, if you could’ve stopped it by saying something nice, if they’re okay wherever they are in the real world… it’s just very, very not at all good.


BBC Annual Report: The Day of the Doctor most watched drama

The BBC Annual Report, published yesterday, confirmed that the 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor was the most watched drama on BBC Television last year, with an average 12.8 million viewers, along with  an additional 3.2 million on BBC iPlayer.

The special was broadcast in 98 countries in 15 languages, and sold 649,138 cinema tickets in 23 countries. The DVD sold more in its first week than any other Doctor Who title.

As you can see, 23 November 2013 really was the day of the Doctor!


Ever since I finished it in the wee hours of Thursday, I can’t but stare at it. I’m rarely totally pleased with finished pieces but this one is …. perfect. Even if I say so myself ;)
don’t even remember what ep the screencap is from (it looked .. ‘neutral’ in expression) but I knew in a second that it could be THE ONE if slightly ‘tweaked’. he’s beautiful, almost angelic… and makes me sad too.

this is only a wee BIG THANK YOU for all you fabulous friends who have listened to my plea and voted.. my friend’s novel FALAYSIA made it into the top 5 of the book award list and has a very good chance now to win the thing. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH. LUV Y’ALL :D

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